19 September 2017
A fabulous real estate in Sardinia at Auction premium
Exceptionally at auction is a beautiful property in Sardinia, in the heart of the Costa Smeralda. Over 41 hectares of unspoiled Mediterranean scrub just a few kilometers from Olbia. In the heart of lively Costa Smeralda, close to the worldly localities of Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo and to the modern Portisco marina, this propriety […]
23 September 2016
Ghe Pel Ling Onlus: Bridges for a unique humanity premium
It will be held in Milan next 5th of October 5, 2016, at the Hotel Principe di Savoia, the first charity event that will aim to raise funds to support the young Tibetan monks, students at the monastery in Dharamsala, India. It is an extraordinary event that will precede by just a few days the […]
Milano – New York 2-0 premium
Auction Title %lots %value SOLD Arti Decorative del XIX secolo Murano 1890 – 1990 Un secolo di arte vetraria 57,47% 183,68% €2.097.937,50   Thursday night in Cambi’s Auction House halls at Palazzo Serbelloni, the Milanese headquarters, took place the great success of Murano glass with an auction that has beaten even the most optimistic expectations. […]
23 May 2016
Cambi presents: Specchio Riflesso Charity Auction premium
The 13th of June the Milanese headquarters of Cambi Auction House, Palazzo Serbelloni, will host a charity auction – Specchio Riflesso, in favor of Vidas, the association that since 1982 offers social and sanitary assistance to terminal patients at home and in the hospice Casa Vidas. Specchio Riflesso Auction is promoted by Riflessi srl, company […]
4 May 2016
Short notes on ceremonial platters and dishware premium
Ceremonial dishware, also known as “pomp”, made from precious materials as silver or even gold, derives from jugs and washbowls, objects often used in big Medieval and Renaissance feasts and banquets. Jugs and wash basins were usually used by the participants to clean their hands and fingers between meal courses, given the lack of personal […]
25 March 2016
Collectible watches and pocket watches on sale at Cambi Auction House premium
  The auction of Wristwatches and Pocket Watches, held last November 17 in Milan at Palazzo Serbelloni with little less than 200 lots, has stood out since the exhibition days for an extraordinary success.   This sales session has in fact offered in the catalogue a collection of “vintage” and “modern” watches, including Rolex, Patek […]
22 March 2016
Giuseppe Antonio Petrini premium
Exhibition April 2016   The world of Italian art history reserves, to those who wish to tread unusual paths, welcome and unexpected surprises: extravagant works and not always in line with the prevailing taste of the big centres; eccentric artists and spirits free from constraints, schools or linear paths. Among them it can be counted […]
21 March 2016
The greyhound race. Thoughts on old silvers market premium
  In 2013 Cambi created a department dedicated to the sector of Ancient and Collection Silvers, and after three years here is an analysis of what looks like a race towards an always greater success. We started the first year with two sales held alongside Jewellery, where of the approximately 220 lots presented of silverware 170 […]
The revenge of the sculpture of the XIX-XX century premium
In December, the Milanese headquarters of Cambi presented an exceptional collection of bronze sculptures of the XIX-XX century, chosen with meticulous selection from various Italian origins, studied, analysed and catalogued by the expert Dario Mottola. 83 works were presented mainly by Italian artist that right now are imposing on the international market, such as: Leonardo […]