Cambi presents: Specchio Riflesso Charity Auction
admin 23 May 2016

The 13th of June the Milanese headquarters of Cambi Auction House, Palazzo Serbelloni, will host a charity auction – Specchio Riflesso, in favor of Vidas, the association that since 1982 offers social and sanitary assistance to terminal patients at home and in the hospice Casa Vidas.

Specchio Riflesso Auction is promoted by Riflessi srl, company that has gathered a group of artists, designers and photographers, asking them a creative act on Farfalla mirror, an iconic design object of their own product catalogue. The artistic mirrors that the 35 authors have created will be sold by Cambi Auction House after the exhibition opened to the public at Palazzo Serbelloni,from the 10th to the 13th of June 2016. Specchio Riflesso becomes thus an event in which, thanks to art, a sigle solidarity act is multiplied in time and space and an artistic and abstract gesture is transformed in an ethic and concrete one. Specchio Riflesso makes available the artistic talent and material resources to donate a concrete help to Vidas in raising the funds necessary for sustaining the pediatric project in Casa Sollievo Bimbi, of next creation.

Each mirror that will be sold in auction is a unique artwork combining with originality, on one hand, the fulfillment of a personal desire of beauty and, one the other hand, the tangible action leading to a collective benefit.

For more info, please visit the official websites of Vidas and Riflessi.

From left to right:

Antonio Gnecchi Ruscone
Title: Dance me to the end of LoveGian Domenico Sozzi
Title: Fatima
Technique: marker on mirror
Size: 29x37cmGianantonio Abate
Title: Volpi
Technique: mixted
Size: 36x28cm

Luigi Lanaro
Year: 2016

Nicola Vitale
Title: Riflesso Farfalla
Technique: acrilic shellac and oil on mirror
Sizw: 40x50cm