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admin 19 February 2016
Auction 239 / Chinese Works of Art, 8.03.2016


GUANYIN SEDUTA SU ROCCIA Cina, Dinastia tardo Ming o inizio Qing legno intagliato e dipinto Venduta per € 262.500


The second event in Milan with the Oriental Art has not betrayed the expectations, achieving a total sales of 2.294 million euros. This semester the main section of the catalog was dedicated to an extensive and important collection of bronze sculptures, especially in gilt bronze, among which the important figure of the thirteenth century Bodhisattva of rare size for its time, high 34 centimetres, sold for 112,500 euros, and a Sakyamuni Buddha Tibetan always in gilt bronze of the sixteenth century, which has reached the amount of 51,200 euros.


From left to right: ODHISATTVA MAITREYA Tibet, Song Dynasty, XIII century, golden bronze, sold for € 112.500

BUDDHA SAKYAMUNI Tibet, XVI century, gold bronze, sold for € 50.000

Nevertheless, there were pieces of excellence in each round. For example, a very rare Kesi fabric of imperial manufactory, with such a fine workmanship that it seems painted, sold for 87,040 euros, and the monumental figure of Guanyin carved from wood and painted which was the top lot of the auction – not by chance it had earned the cover – with its 253,000 euros of award.

China, Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Era (1736-1795) huanghuali wood and zitan
Sold for € 60.000

If in general the jades section was a bit subdued, predictable given the results of other international auctions, the Celadon jade vase from the Qianlong period (1736-1795) has still made 33,740 euros. In clear increase on the contrary for Cambi, both for the results obtained from the sale and for the type of acquisitions made during the processing of the catalogue, were the rounds dedicated to furniture – never until now there had been such a large part of the catalogue dedicated to this category – and the paintings and textiles fields.

We recall among the others: the large wardrobe formed by huanghuali wood and the largely sought for zitan with imperial hinges of the Qianlong period, sold for 60,000 euros, and the extraordinary tanka on silk with a central image of Buddha, sold for, including the rights, 68,750 euros.

In general we can say that the percentage of sales was higher than the previous auction in May, which had seen as the undisputed star the Moon Flask of the Yongzheng period, consolidating the leadership in the industry of the Cambi Auction House.


Bianca Dolfin

Cover image, Rare Kesi fabric China, Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Era (1736-1795), Sold for € 85.000