First Half of 2015
admin 21 October 2015

Art Market


The first six months of 2015 saw a series of top level sales ended with great success: our Auction House even improved the sales of the extraordinary 2013 season, in which we were crowned the first maison de ventes in Italy. 15,400,000 euros, an absolute record for Cambi, is the total achieved in the eleven auctions of the first half just ended.
The season was opened by the sale of old books where the lion’s share was made by a manuscript by Cesare Francesco Cassini from the 18th century, sold for 67,000 euros (record of the department).

Pier leone Ghezzi, Ritratto di Dama in Veste di pastorella. Venduto per € 60.000

A very good result also for the 1825–1827 edition of I Promessi Sposi, which changed hands for 23,500 euros.
Together with the old books, it was also presented a fine art auction, which offered furniture, paintings and art objects from the 16th to the 19th century. These were followed by two auctions of 20th-century decorative arts, with a catalogue entirely dedicated to French Liberty glasses, in which the beautiful vase Iris by Emile Gallé was sold for 93,000 euros (again, record of the department), and the cup Libellula, the last work by the artist, was bought by a collector for 62,000 euros.

Helen Konig Scanvini (1886 – 1974), Me Ne Infischio. La Studentessa, venduta per € 13.600

In the general catalogue dedicated to decorative arts, some works by Gio Ponti had been the most in demand: the urn Le passioni prigioniere was sold for 33,500 euros, while a series of four feathered white and gold vases made 52,000 euros. The sales for the several statuettes produced by Lenci achieved good results too; Me ne infischio. La studentessa by Helen Konig Scavini was sold for more than 13,500 euros.
The Milan auctions in May opened with a catalogue of old silvers, where two rare bindings were sold for about 18,500 and 15,000 euros. Same amount for an English vermeil dish of the 19th century, while a precious spoon of the 18th century by Luigi Valadier was bought for 13,000 euros.

Incensiere imperiale, Cina, Dinastia Qing, epoca Qianlong (1736-1795), venduto per € 136.000

But the most important sales came from the auction of jewellery; this was confirmed also by the catalogue that presented several high quality jewels, and by the crowded auction room as well as the numerous phones on the line. At the end of the auction, also the figures confirmed the success of the sale: the result of the best performance of past sales was doubled, and the four top lots were sold for a total of 800,000 euros.

The total sold in this catalogue exceeded 2,000,000 euros.
Moreover, for wrist watches, a pink gold Patek Philippe chronograph was sold for more than 95,000 euros, making the top price.
The evening was dedicated to modern and contemporary art, with a catalogue that aroused great interest among many customers who took part in the room via telephone and Internet, setting the final result of more than 1,100,000 euros, with excellent sales for Hartung, Pomodoro, Fontana and Calder.


The greatest satisfaction however came from the auction of Mario Panzano’s furnishings, a Genoese antique dealer, one of the best known and appreciated in the last fifty years.

Orecchini di perla, perle naturali a goccia, venduti per € 270.000

A catalogue of 160 lots, coming from his gallery in Via XXV Aprile, expertly described by Lodovico Caumont Caimi, achieved a result completely opposed to the general trend for the furnishings and the ancient art in general, considered for a long time in decrease. On the contrary, the dazzling furnishings presented in this sale surprised the market: a pair of cloverleaf corner cupboards, a rare French Louis XV commode, a bureau and a trumeau inlaid with the motif of the four-leaf clover were the top lots, with sales between 100,000 and 300,000 euros.

It is also worth mentioning a nice pair of paintings by Bartolomeo Guidobono, sold for 86,500 euros, and again, silvers, majolica, lacquered Venetian mirrors… The overall sale exceeded, even in this case, 2,000,000 euros.
The sculpture and art objects auction, together with Panzano sale, showed the best results for the department, with excellent sales especially among the sculptures in marble and ivory.

Coppia di angoliere Luigi XV, Genova, sesto decennio del XVIII secolo lastronate e intarsiate, vendute per € 310.000

Exceptional results were obtained in the Milan auction of oriental art on 26 May 2015, in which an extraordinary and rare porcelain moon flask made more than 2,400,000 euros, establishing not only the record of sale for the Auction House, but also the Italian record for 2015: new entry of the select club of works sold for over two million of euros in Italy.

Excellent results were achieved also by the other auction proposed together with the oriental art.

Straordinaria e rarissima fiasca della luna in porcellana bianca e blu di forma ottagonale, Cina, Dinastia Qing, marca e del periodo Yongzheng (1723-1735)


The catalogue Fine Art Selection indeed made important sales for both old master paintings, with over 110,000 euros for a large canvas by the Genoese Domenico Fiasella, and sculpture, with 93,000 euros paid for a beautiful marble sculpture depicting Drunken Bacchus (record of the department).
The auction included also a section of sculptures from the 19th-20th century, including a collection of works by Pavel Petrovitch Troubetzkoy, which aroused great interest from Italy and abroad.On 23 June 2015, the Auction House closed the season with the design auction at Castello Mackenzie that, thanks to the sale of a pair of armchairs by Gio Ponti for over 110,000 euros and making a total of 1,400,000 euros, established the record of sales for the sector and confirmed the undisputed leadership of Cambi in Italy in design market.



Matteo Cambi