The revenge of the sculpture of the XIX-XX century
admin 21 March 2016

In December, the Milanese headquarters of Cambi presented an exceptional collection of bronze sculptures of the XIX-XX century, chosen with meticulous selection from various Italian origins, studied, analysed and catalogued by the expert Dario Mottola. 83 works were presented mainly by Italian artist that right now are imposing on the international market, such as: Leonardo Bistolfi, Vincenzo Gemito, Leonardo Bazzaro, Giuseppe Grandi, Sirio Tofanari, Francesco Messina, Arturo Malerba, Pietro Melandri until the consolidated and indisputable Pavel Petrovitch Troubetzkoy.

Francesco Messina, SERENELLA, 1936, Sold for €17.500

The catalogue of 137 pages, in addition to the usual description of the lots for sale, it has been enriched with bibliographical notions and photographs from different angles to give the new collector more information, encouraging him to further study in this area that for several years was left behind.

Pavel Petrovich Trubetskoy (1866-1938), ANGELINA WITH DOG, Sold for € 26.000

The auction was organized in connection with the opening of the exhibition devoted to Adolfo Wildt at the GAM in Milan, where – until February 14, 2016 – are exhibited 55 works divided into six thematic sections: an itinerary that develops throughout the entire production of the artist. Other exhibitions have been held in recent years on Italian sculptors such as Medardo Rosso, Guido Melotti, Alberto Giacometti, inspiring the Auction House to expand the sector with a new department.

The auction has scored more than 70% of sold with surprising results, such as the Portrait of a vagabond (Giacan) by Francesco Messina, dated 1933, sold for 56,000 euros; the bust of Benito Mussolini (1926) and Angelina with dog by Troubetzkoy , sold both for 26.000 euro; The Sketch for the monument to the fallen of Pallanza (1923), Troubetzkoy, sold for 45,000 Euros.

Excellent result even for little-known artists on the market but very appreciated by the international collectors: Pericle Fazzini, with the head of Ungaretti sold for 25,000 euro, and a Female Nude by Domenico Ghidoni, sold for 10,000 Euros.


Emile Volka