The Value of Transparency
admin 16 March 2016

Collector’s Antique Glassworks


In the field of Art Objects we would like to highlight the excellent result of the auction Refined Transparencies, Collector’s Antique Glassworks, held on October 20th in the Genoese headquarters of Castello Mackenzie. The sale saw the overcoming of the total of the reserves for over 30%, reaching – with 200 lots in the catalogue – 330,000 euro of sales, thanks in particular to a lively after-auction. And that is how Cambi, pursuing the aims of an auction house, has highlighted other types of “value” of transparency: the artistic value and the market value of refined glassworks. The reasons for the success can be attributed to the rarity of similar events in the national and international scenario and in the high quality of the submitted lots, which caused a great resonance among collectors, dealers and press.

Many of the works shown in the catalogue, completed by the valuable descriptive notes by Margherita Gobbi, have been shown in important exhibitions in Italy and Europe. Other works, less known by the visitors to exhibitions, however, boast prestigious provenances. The set of pieces has set a selection of glassworks – produced between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries – capable of representing a compendium of the most important Italian and European manufacturers.

The lion’s share was made by Italian productions between the Renaissance and early Baroque, among which a rare sixteenth century Venetian goblet – with decorations in polychrome enamels and gold – sold for over 22,000 Euros, and an important cobalt blue glass vase – embellished by a gilt bronze mount finely chiseled with garland motifs and cherub heads, work by the refined Tuscan production between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries – which reached the record amount of 52,000 Euros.


The reasons of success are to attribute to the singularity of such appointments.

The sale dedicated to Collector’s Antique Glassworks represented an appointment that will remain in the memory and through the unique catalogue, also in the archives of collectors, scholars and enthusiasts. An event that at the same time shows the attention and commitment to the future by Cambi in the field of this important ancient, rare and refined artistic production.

Carlo Peruzzo