Vintage Posters: 10 top lots
Fabio Noli 22 October 2018




Cambi Auction House opens up to the vintage posters market, in line with the great international auction houses. Market data record this sector’s increasing attractiveness: in addition to well-established collectors, there is a growing share of younger enthusiasts of printed advertising and cinematographic posters from the 1800-1900s. Also, all the greatest auction sales in the market have a standing appointment with the most significant Italian production posters, recording large figures.

Here is a preview of 10 top lots from our auction that will be held in Milan on November 20, 2018.



Normandie – C.IE G.LE Transatlantique…. Service regulier

Cassandre (Adolphe Mouron)


vintage posters


One of Cassandre’s masterpieces, no words are needed: the stunning Liner approaching frontally captures all eyes. This is the “service regulier” version. One almost invisible tear in lower right section; overall a fine copy. Linen-backed.

€ 6000/9000


Fiera di Milano 15 – 30 Aprile

Achille Luciano Mauzan

vintage posters


This original maquette was never published unfortunatly, neverthless it’s undoubtly an exceptionally fine example of the Publicity Art of Achille Mauzan. Minimal loss at right margin, a few light surface defects; overall very fine item.

€ 5000/8000


Moullot Marseille



vintage posters


A superb Art Nouveau French poster, very close to the best graphic works by Mucha, Berton and Grasset. Minimal surface folds, overall excellent and fresh. Linen-backed.

€ 900/2000


E. Dethleffsen – Bern Skifabrik 

Carl Kunst

vintage posters


A really “must-have” poster, one of a very few items designed by Carl Kunst and possibly his best work. Very light minimal surface damage in lower portion, one tear (almost invisible), overall excellent. Linen-backed. Framed.

€ 1800/3500


Cordial Campari

Marcello Nizzoli


Affisso pubblicitario originale, 1927. Litografia impressa da: Star-IGAP. Milano. Cm 197 x 140. Magnifico esemplare fresco in due fogli separati.


A stunning poster, one of the best works by Nizzoli and among the most important promotional works in the Campari’s history. A superb fresh copy, in two separate sheets.

€ 4000/8000



Sniafiocco il cotone nazionale

Araca (Enzo Forlivesi Montanari)


Affisso pubblicitario originale, 1933. Litografia impressa da Istituto d’Arti grafiche, Bergamo. Cm 195 x 134

Stunning modernist poster, promoting the national synthetic cotton fiber produced in Italy during the Fascist era. A fresh and well-preserved item, with only one unobtrusive tear in the middle. Linen-backed.

€ 750/1500



Gabriele D’Annunzio  – Cabiria – Edizione sonora e cantata

Armando Vassallo



Spectacular four sheets poster printed at the launch of the first Italian kolossal movie in the voiced version.

Some very little restorations at center image, brilliant colours, linen backed, overall fine.

€ 2500/6000



Enrica Fantis

Luigi Bompard


Very nice maquette signed by Bompard that portrays the actress Enrica Fantis (1906 – ?) in seductive beach costume.

€ 800/2000



Per un pugno di dollari

Sandro Simeoni


A stunning four-sheets poster for the first screen of the “western spaghett” trilogy. This is the very first printing where the name of the Director Sergio Leone is replaced by a nickname: Bob Robertson. Some restorations in the lower portion, almost invisible. Overall a very good copy. Linen backed.

€ 1000/2000


The Beatles: Help!




Very rare Italian edition, two sheets. Very slight folds and yellowing, overall a nice copy. Linen-backed.

€ 1000/2000

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