Art Basel 2015
admin 23 October 2015

The 46th edition of Art Basel, held from 18 to 21 June 2015, hosted 224 galleries, involving approximately 4,000 artists from different generations.
Italian art had a wider presence than the other years, with three solo exhibitions in the Unlimited section, dedicated to Dadamaino, Emilio Vedova and Gianni Colombo, and 16 galleries including, for the first time, Tornabuoni Arte. The French branch of the gallery has presented four masterpieces by Paolo Scheggi, of which only one for sale, reunited for the first time since the Venice Biennale of 1966.

The novelty of the fair was the change of setup of the ground floor: the galleries were grouped according to their specialization, and 57 out of 93 have changed places. So who in the future will be looking for historical pieces will be able to focus in this area and without having to understand how to move around the stands. Some people called it a theme park like Disneyland, and there are those who refused to move from their previous position as Larry Gagoosian: “You don’t f*uck with Gagoosian, he’s bigger than Basel”.