Michele della Valle. Jewels and Myths
admin 3 October 2015

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Jewels and Myths


Wonder is the feeling arousing while browsing the image autobiography Michele della Valle. Jewels and Myths, published by Antique Collectors’ Club in 2014.
The photographs of the creations, the comments and the quotes of this extraordinary poet and artist, expressing himself through the jewel, wrap the reader, take him by the hand and accompany him in a fantasy world of beauty and harmony. Michele della Valle however does not detach from reality; on the contrary, people and characters, the animal and plant world, are extremely important in his poetry and endless source of inspiration for his work.


Michele della valle, Jewels and Myths

He simply invites us to look more closely at what surrounds us, to appreciate what is special and unique around us.
The extraordinary mastery of the art of this visionary author, born in Rome and known worldwide, has led over the years to experiment with new materials allowing him to “realize” his emotions, while the great mastery in the use of the colour allowed refined as well as unusual colour combinations making his work unique.


The refined musical education received and the experience accumulated while traveling in search of extraordinary gems provided him with all the tools to best express his poetry. His fantastic jewels exude irony, joy of life and are real porte-bonheur.
You can see works by Della Valle at major auction houses or in Geneva, where he lives.
We strongly recommend the purchase of this amazing book.


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